401 E Pike: Our New Gymnasium, Theatre, Dining Hall, and Rooftop Sports Field

NWS' new, multipurpose facility at 401 E Pike opened to students and faculty Jan. 6, lighting up our community. Click here to see a brief slideshow of opening day activities, and scroll down to see more photos of the facility, as well as opening-day coverage in local newspapers and blogs. It is the first new building in The Northwest School's 33-year history.

After Head of School Mike McGill addressed everyone early in the morning in the Commons, including board members and the 401 E Pike design team, students and faculty crossed Crawford Place to the new building. Students were briefed on how to safely inhabit the Gymnasium, Black Box Theatre, Dining Hall, and Rooftop Sports Field. Finally let loose (with supervision), they wasted no time shooting three-pointers, kicking penalty shots, and generally exploring their new space. The next day on Jan. 7, students could be seen jogging around the gym during PE class, and later in the evening, playing a league basketball game — for the first time, at home.

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