We believe a successful life is an engaged life—and the key to staying engaged is staying curious. Our faculty inspires students to continually ask questions, to remain open-minded about outcomes, and to see connections in the world at large. In turn, students are prepared not just for college, but to live with meaning and joy—wherever life takes them.

Our Mission

The Northwest School offers a faculty who engage each student in sequential, cross-disciplinary study in the Humanities, Sciences, and the Arts.

We are a diverse community of people who challenge each other to learn in a healthy, creative, and collaborative atmosphere of respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

We graduate students with historical, scientific, artistic, and global perspective, enabling them to think and act with integrity, believing they have a positive impact on the world.

About The School Mission Body

I received a tremendous sense of confidence and empowerment from The Northwest School – and also community. We were treated like full, thinking human beings. It gave me the confidence to ‘do’ and go out into the world.

Lynda Turet '01

Master’s Degree in Human Geography, University of Washington