Leilani Nussman

Leilani Nussman

Summer Program & Extended Learning Director

B.S. (Biology), University of Portland; M.A. (Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Instruction), University of Washington Leilani joins us after working as the eastside supervisor for the youth and family program at the Pacific Science Center. Her previous roles include a marine science instructor for Pacific Marine Research, a day camp naturalist at Carkeek Park Day Camp, and a graduate educator at IslandWood, on Bainbridge Island. When asked how she chose her career, Leilani responded: “I liked science, so my high school teachers encouraged me to pursue medicine as a career. Halfway through my junior year of undergrad, I realized my passion lay in environmental science. After a year of temporary seasonal field work, I started an AmeriCorps position as an environmental education specialist, and fell in love with inspiring children to learn about the natural world around them.”

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