Max Sarkowsky '16

Meet Northwest Alum ‘16 Max: “Hi, my name is Max Sarkowsky. I graduated from Northwest in 2016 and I am a freelance designer for the performing arts.

I loved the artistic culture at Northwest. From the hall guitars to the time committed to arts classes and even the way humanities, math and science all incorporate artistic assignments into their curriculums, it really showed me that the arts are important beyond entertainment, and that art can enrich all parts of the human experience.

Learning how to write a really good essay at Northwest and how to research and engage with lecture was amazing preparation for college. Everything about Northwest led me on a direct path to college, so much so that my freshman year at Colorado College came with such ease I could spend more time engaging with my peers and extracurriculars, which then set me up for success down the road.

My first theatre class with Amber Wolfe really set me on the path to becoming a professional theatre artist, I caught the bug. Then working with Laura Ferri and Dave Baldwin from 8th through 12th grade I really came into my own, realizing (not consciously yet) that I would probably do this as a career. I still work with Laura and Dave from time to time to this day!

All of my arts teachers at Northwest were (and still are) professional working artists, which means that 10 years down the road I can still work with them. It’s a wonderful thing.”