Movies With A Mission - March 27 Panel Discussion

Please join us for Movies with a Mission! This event is open to the NWS community, family, and friends.

WEDNESDAY, March 27, 2024
7:00 - 8:30 pm
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Join The Northwest School community in a panel discussion to discuss the movie The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook. We will open with an ice breaker and then each panelist will take 10-15 minutes to introduce themselves and share their experiences and work, and some of their thoughts on intersections of the LGBTQIA+ identity, and the use of the Arts and creative expression to bring together community and activate social change.

Following that, will be an open Q&A with the panelists.

The film is available for free on Tubi as well as on streaming platforms: Amazon, Youtube and Vimeo


Film website

Film Trailer on youtube


The Unabridged Mrs. Vera’s Daybook tells a story of historic activism and community art through the works of two San Francisco artists, who also happen to be long-term AIDS survivors. During one of the darkest periods in US History, two men decide to bring joy and color to a broken community for which an entire movement has emerged. Supporters, fellow activists and members of the Queer Art Community join the film to help paint this vivid portrait of perseverance, compassion and outrageous dime-store fashion. Having received the coveted Community Grand Marshall appointment for the SF PRIDE Parade in 2019, our film subjects confront a new pandemic and celebrate 25 years of making sensational art together.


Aleksa Manila - Social activist by day, socialite by night. Aleksa Manila is a celebrated and respected drag personality. Originally from Manila, Philippines, she now calls Seattle, Washington home.

Stephen Anunson - Filmmaker, photographer and performer living in Seattle, WA. Their work documents Seattle artists, performers, drag and nightlife including collaborations with Cherdonna Shinatra, Mimi Zima, Nic Masangkay, and Mona Real.

Hosts and Moderators:
Neo Mazur - Director of Environmental Education & Sustainability
Frances Tee - Ed Tech Coordinator, Instructional Coach and Computer Science Teacher
Deborah Blume - School Counselor

Movies with a Mission Objective: This program aims to build community and belonging by creating spaces for a shared experience to pique curiosity and inspire informed action within The Northwest School community. Following a shared movie experience, we convene engaging, informal, community conversations with rockstar people working on DEI, environmental sustainability, and global perspectives from a variety of sectors and approaches. In this way, we hope to further strengthen the connections between these main areas of engagement, which are part of the mission of The Northwest School.