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6th Grade Makerspace: Intro to Engineering
NWS 6th graders are wrapping up their Bristlebots unit, in which their classroom became a makerspace and they became engineers and research... Read More
NWS International Fest Highlights
The Northwest School graduates students with a global perspective, and the annual International Fest honors that mission. This long-running annual... Read More
NWS Students Exhibit Visual Art at Gage Academy
Classrooms at The Northwest School are named after social justice activists, free-thinking physicists, and poets, among other inspirational figures.... Read More
Outdoor Program Slideshow: Ingalls Pass
The NWS Outdoor Program recently brought students and faculty on a hike in Ingalls Pass in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, one of the more stunningly... Read More
Students Talk Poetry with Robert Pinsky
Former US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky took the stage at nearby Town Hall Thursday, Sep. 18, and beforehand met with a group of NWS seniors and 10th... Read More
Follow NWS on Social Media!
Whether you identify as a prospective, current, or alum community member, The Northwest School has a relevant social media channel for you and your... Read More
Attention: Construction and Traffic Issues on Summit
Due to the construction on the corner of Pike Street and Summit Avenue, we anticipate Summit will be often blocked with heavy trucks. Please pay... Read More
International Dormitory: Remodeled and Resplendent
Following the recent construction of our stunning new facility at 401 E Pike, The Northwest School added to its campus again this summer by... Read More